How do experts find solutions to problems in illumination optics? What happens in the head of an experienced optical designer? In my series of courses, which I often teach together with my friend and colleague Henning Rehn, we give a comprehensive insight into the deep physics and beautiful mathematics of illumination optics. We then fill the “toolbox” with methods and design elements. Finally, using a few archetypal examples, we show how to analyze problems from first principles, and how to use these insights and the toolbox to choose the right design approaches. Here is the full description of the course.

Online courses

Two series of online courses are currently under way. Synopsys, Inc. is hosting my courses for North American engineers, and LightTec is hosting another series for participants from Europe.

Currently scheduled public courses

Several times in a normal year, I teach the full course series,face to face, in one week, organized and hosted by LightTec and OptoNet. However, due to the current corona virus situation, all planned public courses have been cancelled.

Private courses

The course content and length can be adapted to your needs: Please contact me to schedule a dedicated course for your group at your offices, tailored to your needs, online or at your offices, If the corona situation permits.