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Light where it should be

I'm Julius Muschaweck, a curious scientist who loves to solve puzzles in technology that lead to new actual products.

My focus is in two major fields:

  • on illumination optics, a field with surprising depth and beauty in physics and mathematics, and

  • on applying mathematical insights with fast numerical programming.

Optics of illumination is a truly fascinating field. Its depth and beauty are practical: Applying this theory to an illumination design project is immensely helpful in getting things right from the start, and avoiding dead ends. I should know, I have been doing this for over 25 years. So when you need assistance with getting the illumination right in a project, I can help you in a multitude of ways:

  • If you just want a good optical solution, I can design optics for you, from feasibility and first conceptual ideas to production-ready designs.

  • If you would also like to get insight into the nature of your problem (or have your engineers get such insights), I can help you learn things about illumination optics on the way: I will happily tell you how I approach your problem from the start, why I choose certain optical concepts, and what I do to get the design right.

  • For a first one hour look at your task: makes it easy to find advice from me, and other experts in their fields: Schedule a meeting online, pay by credit card, quick and easy.

  • If you want to learn illumination optics, so you or your engineers become better optical designers for illumination, you can attend one of my scheduled courses, or contact me to discuss a dedicated course in your offices.

  • If you are an engineer looking for a mentor, for an experienced person you can always ask for advice: Throughout my professional life, I have been helping younger colleagues around me grow their skills and their careers.

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